Galapagos Islands Cruise Charters

Just off the coast of Ecuador, the wild and wonderful Galapagos Islands are best explored by boat. Traveling by sea allows you to cover a lot of ground, easily hopping from island to island. It also gives you the chance to get up close and personal with incredible wildlife all while comfortably traveling on your own floating luxury hotel. All of the ships we offer from cruise charters to private yachts are small in size (less than 100 passengers) and offer the top guides and service, ensuring that you have the most unbelievable vacation.

The most exciting part of a trip to the Galapagos is right on your doorstep. Water activities from snorkeling and swimming to sea kayaking make for fascinating interactions with everything from sea lions and penguins to sharks and manta rays. Experiences onshore are just as much of a treat. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped on to a whole other planet. Your expert naturalist guides will lead you over volcanic lava fields, cactus strewn hills, black sand beaches and through mangrove swamps for the chance to spot creatures only imagined in books. Blue-footed boobies, brightly colored iguanas and giant tortoise are all around and just as curious as you are.

Cruising around the Galapagos is great for everyone from solo travelers to couples and families. The islands are such a family-friendly destination, if traveling with children, many cruises offer special programs, menus, activities and babysitting. There are also family specific departure dates during school vacations making planning a getaway with then entire family a breeze. And many ships can be taken over exclusively, making them perfect for large group celebrations. A family trip to the Galapagos is fun, educational and one that both kids and adults won’t soon forget.

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