Best Time to Visit Ecuador

We have pulled together this guide on when to visit Ecuador. Ecuador can be visited year-round, however there are optimum times to go depending on your Ecuador vacation destinations and the things you want to do there. December to March is peak time to visit Ecuador, with agreeable weather all round.

Quito’s temperature varies greatly between night and day due to its position on the equator and its altitude. Daytime temperatures average 23-25ºc, while at night temperatures drop to around 10ºc. In general, days are clear in the morning and cloud over in the afternoon, with rain common in the afternoon. The Andes has a drier season from the end of May to the end September, with another brief summertime in early December (which coincides nicely with the city’s fiestas). The higher the altitude in the Andes, the cooler it becomes, especially at night. In the Galapagos from January to June it is typically hot and sees sunny days and blue skies interspersed with showers. The rest of the year is generally cloudier and cooler. The average temperature ranges from a pleasant 20°c to 28°c, however being on the equator the sun is very strong. From July to September the seas can be heavier and boats tend to go into dry dock for their annual refurbishment around this time. The Galapagos can be great off season if you wish to enjoy this National Park without all the crowds, and the wildlife can be seen all year (although please speak to your travel specialist if there is a particular species you are interested in catching!). Due to limited permits in the Galapagos we advise to book well in advance. The Amazon has no defined dry season and rain can be expected at any time of year, being a tropical rainforest. The Cloudforest has a lot of rain but you will usually find sun each day as well. Daytime temperatures average 25-28ºc, while at night temperatures drop to around 16ºc. The drier season runs from the end of May to the end September.

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Climate guide for Ecuador

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Central Highlands 45°F 175mm 56°F 169mm 55°F 70mm 65°F 112mm 75°F 115mm 78°F 122mm 82°F 69mm 81°F 133mm 82°F 14mm 67°F 204mm 51°F 65mm 51°F 122mm
Quito 60°F 134mm 61°F 163mm 61°F 295mm 60°F 248mm 60°F 67mm 61°F 43mm 60°F 28mm 61°F 0mm 60°F 88mm 59°F 96mm 60°F 202mm 60°F 134mm
Southern Ecuador 74°F 111mm 80°F 125mm 79°F 85mm 83°F 5mm 88°F 12mm 85°F 128mm 85°F 64mm 86°F 8mm 83°F 178mm 81°F 380mm 78°F 288mm 75°F 179mm
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