Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a tropical climate and visitors should be prepared for some rain no matter when they visit, but the best time to travel is usually considered to be from December to April, when the weather is drier and normally bright. Aside from September and October which are the wettest months, there is really no bad time to travel, and if you choose to go in July or August you may have the added benefit of seeing turtles nesting in Tortuguero or the humpback whale migration.

Climate guide for Costa Rica

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Caribbean Coast 65°F 4mm 69°F 86mm 71°F 120mm 78°F 130mm 79°F 250mm 85°F 260mm 86°F 144mm 86°F 253mm 85°F 90mm 81°F 119mm 74°F 0mm 67°F 13mm
Guanacaste and Nicoya Peninsula 84°F 0mm 85°F 0mm 86°F 0mm 88°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 81°F 0mm 79°F 3mm 82°F 0mm 83°F 0mm
Manuel Antonio and Uvita 73°F 0mm 78°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 72°F 6mm 70°F 0mm 66°F 7mm 64°F 13mm 65°F 23mm 68°F 11mm 71°F 26mm 73°F 21mm 75°F 18mm
San Jose and Central Valley 71°F 0mm 72°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 71°F 0mm 70°F 14mm 72°F 0mm 72°F 0mm
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