Whale Watching Private Charter in Tenerife

Tenerife, Spain

The Canary Islands have long been regarded as a privileged place to observe marine life in its natural habitat and Tenerife is no exception. Permanent Whale and Dolphin colonies live near the coast and an excursion is the best way to see them.

Boats depart daily from Puerto Colon and travel up to 3 miles out to sea, where the pilot whales can be found. As they live there permanently, whales can be seen all year around as can dolphins which like to feed from the local fish farms close by. Tours range from 3 hour group or private excursions with drinks or sandwiches on board, although we would recommend a morning private charter for a more tailored itinerary. Choose when and where to stop for either a picture moment, snack break or even for a spot of swimming and snorkelling. Both educational and fun, it’s something everyone can enjoy.

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