Photographic game-drive from Zarafa

Selinda Consession, Northern Botswna

Set off on safari in search of the Selinda Reserve's fascinating wildlife with your expert Zarafa guide. All of the guides here have been trained by professional photographers the Jouberts to understand and anticipate a photographer's needs on safari.

From ensuring the vehicle is best placed (wherever feasible) to ensure the best light on the subject, giving you advice on camera settings and anticipating wildlife behaviour, the Zarafa guides really know their stuff! Their wildlife knowledge is superb, but having this extra level of understanding about photography and light really helps to get the best chances of getting an incredible photograph!

Each suite at Zarafa comes equipped with a Canon 5D body and lens kit for use during your stay, so you can embrace your inner photographer even if you don't have all the equipment already. Images from the memory card will be burnt to a disc before you depart so you can take them home with you.

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