6 Places to Find Pantone’s Colour of the Year

When we heard that Pantone chose “Classic Blue” as their “Colour of the Year”, we couldn’t have been more delighted. The most wander-lusting colour we could ask for. Find the shade glowing from towns and cities across the world, up in the sky or across our oceans, it evokes wonderful travel memories and inspires us to continue exploring. Here are some of our favourite places to find Pantone’s colour of the year.



Rajasthan’s second-largest city, Jodhpur, also known as the “Blue City”, where blue and white-washed homes line the winding alleys, that radiate out from the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. Immerse yourself in its cultural charms as medieval streets lead you to colourful markets where shops and bazaars invite you in to discover new treasures. After a day of exploring, live like a Maharaja with a cocktail in the elegant surrounds of the Ummaid Bhawan Palace.



This mystical, blue city is found in northern Morocco, a three to four-hour drive north of renowned Fes. It’s an evocative and beautiful city that’s taken many a heart. Explore the old medina, making sure to pause in the main square to absorb wonderful Andalucían architecture boasting vibrant blue walls and rich red-tiled roofs. Sat beneath the Rif Mountains, its silhouette creates the perfect backdrop to this already Instagramable city.


Great Blue Hole

Found off the coast of Belize, The Great Blue Hole is a tremendous underwater sinkhole that draws scuba divers in from all over the world. Its rich habitat is home to an incredible variety of marine life from reef sharks to giant grouper. However, it’s the size of this UNESCO World Heritage Site that makes your draw drop. Over 984 ft wide and 410 ft deep, it’s the largest natural formation of its kind and one not to be missed.



Famed for spectacular sunsets and romantic appeal, it’s the blue-domed churches found dotted across the island that first come to mind for many. Wander through the white-washed streets of picturesque Oia, enjoy sundowners from clifftops or tour remote vineyards sampling local wines that are uniquely produced using the island’s volcanic soil. For further shades of blue, sail on the azure seas stopping for dips in secluded coves.


Ningaloo Reef

One of the longest near-shore reefs in the world, Ningaloo Reef is found in Western Australia and a World Heritage Site due to its rich biodiversity. Visit between late March and mid-July for the opportunity to swim with the largest creature on earth, whale sharks. Alongside these gentle giants, other residents of the reef include humpback whales and turtles. Being off the popular tourist trail, this is an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered.


Salar de Uyuni

One of Bolivia’s most iconic attractions, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt plain in the world. This pre-historic lake turned desert can look blue to the eye as it reflects the colours of the sky. Spend a night in this otherworldly landscape and notice how the night sky blankets the land in a new shade of blue. Visit islands covered in giant cacti or visit the village of Coquesa where a mysterious cave shelters ancient mummies.