Lavender Lollies

Fiona Faulkner, inspired by the lavender at Pine Cliffs in Portugal, gives us her new recipe for lavender lollies…

These were inspired by my recent visit to Pine Cliffs resort in Portugal with Scott Dunn – this place was heaving with lavender bushes – so beautiful and fragrant.

Lavender may seem like an odd thing to use in cooking (and it’s certainly an acquired taste – rule of thumb: if you like Parma Violets, you’ll probably like these…) but lavender is in fact from the same family as mint.

These are a wow-factor treat for play-dates. My kids love them. Makes 4 small lollies (double the quantities as you wish)



125ml whole milk

2 heaped tsp dried lavender flowers (ensure they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals)

2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

Food colouring – optional

(You could also add ½ tsp vanilla extract)


1.Place the milk in a small saucepan along with the lavender flowers and bring to just before boil / simmer point. Leave for 10 minutes to infuse.

2.Strain the milk into a large jug (some small buds may escape into the milk – don’t worry). Stir through the condensed milk and a tiny amount of food colouring if you wish…

3.Pour into lolly moulds. Freeze for at least four hours. To remove, warm the bottoms of the moulds with your hands and very gently remove.

TIP: Use clean, empty yoghurt pots if you don’t have lolly moulds (and recycle wooden lolly sticks from previous treats)

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