Why Staying at Amanemu Needs to be Added to Your Bucket List

Having just returned from her first trip to Japan, Asia Travel Specialist, Kirsty was wowed by the culture, history, scenery, people, and the food but one of her top highlights was a stay at Amanemu. Here is why a trip to Japan isn’t complete without at least a night here…

My bucket list is overflowing with places I want to see in the world and activities I want to experience but very few hotels have made the list. As long as I find a way to skydive in Dubai, eat some of Japan’s best sushi, or ride a Vespa in Vietnam, where I sleep is typically the last thing on my mind. However, after two nights at Amanemu I’ve decided to rethink my bucket list.

Located in the oldest province of Japan, this secluded hotel is the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Only a five-hour scenic train ride from Tokyo or a quick helicopter flight, this luxury property is worth the journey. From cycling the grounds and hiking the local area to soaking in your private onsen, here are my top three reasons why you need to add Amanemu to your Japan itinerary:

1. Location
Located in the Mie Prefecture, Ise-Shima, Amanemu’s secluded location is where time slows down. Only a twenty-minute drive from the nearest train station, Amanemu feels completely secluded from the outside world. Each one of their twenty four suites offer breathtaking views of Ago Bay, which instantly make you feel light years away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Kyoto. While there, take advantage of an area that is rich in history and culture by participating in the unique experiences offered. Activities such as interacting with the AMA free divers, exploring the Naiku and Geku Shrines, and hiking through the scenic Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes.

2. The Food
Whether you chose to have the kaiseki set menu or à la carte you won’t leave the restaurant feeling disappointed. With some of the world’s best seafood in their backyard it is no wonder that the fish I had here is some of the freshest I’ve ever tasted and probably one of the best meals I had while in Japan. The menu serves everything from grilled fish and vegetable tempura to Kobe beef therefore guaranteeing that your dietary requirements are catered to. And, if your dietary requirements permit, I fully recommend diving head first into the experience and ordering the Japanese breakfast. When it comes to flavor – these chefs know what they’re doing!

3. The Amenities
True to all other AMAN properties, this resort has maintained the luxury collection’s classic sleek and stylish décor but what sets Amanemu apart is the way they have incorporated ancient Japanese traditions. Their 2,000-square-metre Japanese spa is designed around a traditional Japanese hot spring, onsen, that boasts natural mineral-rich waters. However, if you want to relax in an onsen in a more private setting take advantage of the granite hot spring in each bathroom. There is also a fitness center which you can use freely or book private training sessions. To unwind from the day, I highly recommend signing up for the complimentary daily yoga class.

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