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Desert dining in the Wadi Rum

At Scott Dunn, we often find that some of the most memorable – and delicious – dining experiences whilst traveling can happen where you least expect them.

Clare in our India and Arabia team recently experienced just that when she camped under the stars in the desert of the Wadi Rum

I think that the desert is one of my favorite landscapes in the world, and few are as spectacular as Wadi Rum in Jordan.

With its vast sandstone features, such as the inspirational Seven Pillars of Wisdom, as well as undulating dunes in varying shades of orange, few places are as breathtaking.

Add to that chicken grilled underground, the excitement of driving around in a jeep with a Bedouin called Ali and smoking shisha round a campfire and you’ve got a pretty spectacular couple of days.

We were dropped off at Wadi Rum village just before sunset (a must-see in the desert as the vast rocky landscape glows red as the sun goes down) and sped off cross-country to our campsite. We were shown to our tent and then settled down round the fire with glasses of hot, sweet tea before being invited to watch our chef prepare our supper. Now I didn’t think that this would be particularly interesting, but suddenly he picked up a shovel and a brush and started to dig in the sand.

It turned out that what we were going to eat was called ‘zarb’, best described as a Bedouin barbeque, where a pit is dug in the ground and a metallic container placed inside with burning charcoal in the bottom.

Rice in a pan had been placed on top of this with a rack-like structure for the chicken, potatoes and vegetables. It was a really satisfying, yet comforting, meal after a hectic day exploring the famous ruins of Petra.

After supper we sat around the fire chatting, drinking tea, playing cards and sampling the local shisha pipe. It was just like a scene from a film!

The camp’s atmosphere was so laid back and comfortable. And even when the sun has gone down, the desert still looks spectacular, lit by the moon and stars. Make sure you wrap up – it can be chilly but I was so snugly wrapped up in my bed that it was my best night’s sleep of the trip!

The next morning after breakfast we drove around the desert, visiting rock bridges, TE Lawrence’s house and various Nabatean rock inscriptions. It was particularly exciting having watched the film Lawrence of Arabia before my trip. All in all, a night and morning spent in the desert is an incredible experience and one that just adds that extra bit of adventure to a vacation to Jordan.

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