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Adaptive skiing in Val d’Isère

The options for disability skiing are growing year by year. Ski schools across Europe are expanding their adaptive skiing programs to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their time on the mountain.

One of such companies to expand their adaptive ski programs is Oxygene in. Having run an adaptive ski program in La Plagne for the last two years, they have expanded their offering, bringing their experience and knowledge to Val d’Isère.

Oxygene currently offer a variety of packages in Val d’Isère, including guided stand up skiing, sit-skiing and piloted dual skiing. Here’s a quick breakdown of each package they are offering in Val d’Isère this winter:

Stand up skiing

Private one on one sessions for anyone who can stand alone and has good coordination. Suited for the visually impaired, hard of hearing and amputees, the guide can help people learn to or rediscover skiing.


Perfect for those in a wheelchair, learning to sit-ski can give you the same independence everyone else has on the slopes.  Able to board chairlifts, go off-piste and tackle the pistes, sit skiing is a great way of getting independence on the piste. With equipment for new sit skiers and experts, it’s a great new skill to learn or to start to perfect.

Piloted dual-ski

Similar to the sit-skiing, the piloted dual-ski is a great way to give people the skiing sensation, without having to control the sit-ski on your own.  The pilot guides the sit ski down the slope. Oxygene also offer the opportunity for a carer to learn to drive the dual-ski themselves.

Oxygene are only the second major ski company in Val d’Isère, after ESF, to offer an adaptive ski program. After the popularity of the scheme in La Plagne, it looks as though the Oxygene adaptive ski program will be helping more people get on the mountain that previously may have previously been left out.

Contact Oxygene directly or book an adaptive ski lesson via your Travel Coordinator or Chalet Manager in resort. Visit Scottdunn.com or call 0203 603 3555 to book a vacation in Val d’Isère. 

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