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A-Z of Alpine Summers

The definitive A-Z guide on summer vacations in the Alps, from where to stay to what activities are on offer…

AAbseiling: face your fears and abseil down a rock face under the careful watch of an instructor. Ideal for the thrill-seekers out there.

BBungee Jumping: Another activity for adrenaline junkies, throw yourself off the Saint-Gervais bridge, 90 meters above the Bonnant gorges near Chamonix.

CChamonix: Set beneath the dominant Mont Blanc, this is one of the oldest resorts in France and it’s just as fun in the summer as it is in the winter.

DDolomites: The dramatic Dolomites in Italy are renowned for their beauty, especially in the summer when the scenery turns from white to green. 10 chairlifts are left open so you can easily explore the vast area.

EE-biking: Like a regular bike but with an electric motor to help you up those hills, so you can take in the scenery without being red in the face.

FFood: Explore local markets, discover mountain top Refugio’s, indulge in Swiss cheese, buy the freshest breads and pastries, try Alpine cured meats… we could go on.

GGolf: Play a round of golf in some of the most calm and picturesque spots in the world.

HHiking: With trails for all abilities, lifts to get you to the top of mountains and guides to show you around, hiking is a must for any trip to the Alps.

IIce Climbing: Try your hand at ice-climbing, it’ll definitely be something worth bragging about back home.

JJoering: This is a mix of skiing and equestrianism, otherwise known as horse-pulled skiing. Travel at a gentle stroll or at a thrilling gallop, the choice is yours. We hear it’s a lot of fun!

KKids:  Take the family to the Alps, it’s perfect for older kids looking for adventure, where they can learn new skills and be active.

LLes Fermes de Marie: Formed of nine beautiful chalets, this five star hotel in Megeve is the ideal choice for families looking for more independence.

MMegeve: A charming and traditional village in the French Alps (also nestled beneath Mont Blanc), it’s a hive of activity in the summer with plenty on offer for every member of the family.

NNature: Head to the Alps in the summer and discover the most wonderful environment; colorful flowers, green meadows, snow-capped peaks, cows roaming the hills with bells around their necks, you get the picture…

OOdle:  If you’re heading to the Dolomites, make sure you hike to a spectacular sheer cliff known as Odle, it’s a view and photograph worth the energy.

PPine Lodge: This hotel offers total luxury in the beautiful Dolomites in South Tyrol. Enjoy flexible catering and a concierge service in the comfort and privacy of a mountain home, an ideal choice for a family vacation.

QQueues: There are no queues; you pretty much have the mountains to yourself.

RRock Climbing: Take a guide and tackle a rock faces or simply head to a climbing wall to learn the basics – there’s an option for all abilities.

SSapphire Blue Lakes: Make a picnic and spend the day relaxing by a gorgeous lake in peace, the perfect family retreat.

TTrain: Take the Glacier Express into Zermatt; you’ll cross 291 bridges, go through 91 tunnels and pass through stunning panoramas. It’s a great way to start your vacation.

UUnwind: The moment you arrive in the mountains you’ll feel relaxed and with Scott Dunn looking after everything, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

VVillas: For the ultimate itinerary, combine a week in a luxury catered villa in the South of France followed by a week of action-packed adventures in the mountains.

WWine: Make the most of local wines, we can organize wine tastings and tours.

XX Marks the Spot: Like a treasure hunt, geo-caching will take you on a journey through the mountains, discovering secret boxes and objects. A great way to teach kids about orienteering.

YYacht: Head down to Annecy Lake from the French Alps to spend the day sailing on this pretty stretch of water.

ZZermatt: With the iconic Matterhorn framing this chocolate box, car free village – it’s not a bad place to spend a week or two!

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