Learn to Kitesurf in Antigua

Antigua, Antigua

Learn to Kitesurf in the beautifully warm waters of Nonsuch Bay. A perfect place to learn this exciting sport taking the world by storm!

Learning to Kitesurf can be a challenging experience. Making sure that you take your first few lessons in perfect conditions will make your learning curve much steeper, meaning you'll have more fun, more quickly!

Nonsuch Bay offers just these conditions. Warm, flat water with a wonderfully steady breeze makes those first few attempts that much easier, and combined with our expert instructors at our partner kitesurf school, means you will be up and riding in no time.

Lessons take place a short boat ride from the resort, with students being taught initially from the beach, and then progressing into the middle of the bay, with literally hundreds of acres of space around you, save for the safety boat following you and offering coaching tips as you need them. The set up really is fantastic and people who learn here tend to progress very quickly, fully equipping you with the skills for kitesurfing adventures on your next trip wherever that may be.

Our partner school teaches children as young as 7, though it does depend on height and weight restrictions. They have yet to find an upper age limit for teaching!

Combine your kitesurf lessons with the world class sailing and watersports available at Nonsuch - a fantastic location for an active Caribbean holiday.

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