How we price our vacations

The guide prices on our website display (a range of) approximate but realistic prices for a complete vacation, including domestic flights, transfers, meals, activities and accommodation that can be used for indicative budgeting and comparison purposes. Prices also include international flights if you are in the UK.

If you are viewing a hotel or property, that is usually only sold as part of an itinerary, the guide price is based upon a sample vacation that includes the property as part of a longer itinerary.

For a totally personalized quotation, with guaranteed prices, please call us or complete the online enquiry form and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss the options, make recommendations and give you a range of choices for your vacation.

A few points to consider about our vacations and how they are priced:

  • Guide prices: The guide prices on the website reflect the whole cost of a complete vacation and generally include economy class flights from the UK, private transfers and our recommended entry level room category (please note prices exclude international flights if you are outside the UK). The prices are based upon two people traveling together in a mid to low price season. Our guide prices do not include special offers, which often lead to lower actual quotations, and cannot track currency fluctuations. Call us for a personal quote.
  • Tailor-made: All our vacations are individually created and priced based on your individual requirements by one of our specialists. We have visited all the properties we offer and we are able to provide expert advice. In general we believe in quality comes before price and it is the small details that ensure the experience you have on your vacation is unsurpassed.
  • Value: We continuously monitor our pricing against our competitors and the direct market. Value is very important to us, as we want you to use Scott Dunn again and again, and we believe our model offers excellent value for money, often less than booking directly.
  • Flexibility: Our quotations are designed to be totally flexible around your plans and requirements. We do not work with fixed flights or days of travel. You can mix in work or your own plans or buy your own flights (although ours are generally cheaper and more flexible). And not everyone in your party has to do the same dates or flights or room types. It’s totally up to you.
  • Comparisons: If you are comparing prices do ensure that you are comparing like for like. Often seemingly innocuous variations will make a huge impact on the quality and experience you have on your vacations. Be especially careful when comparing guide prices as not all companies use the same realistic criteria that we use.

Our quotations

Our quotations are all individually priced at the time of your enquiry and we guarantee these prices for 28 days, unless stated otherwise. It is important to understand that quotation prices can vary significantly, both up and down, from the guide due to many factors such as:

  • Special offers and marketing promotions: Our guide prices do not include special offers which are often available and can significantly reduce the overall cost of a vacation. Call to find out about offers as they may not be displayed on the website.
  • Season of travel and time of booking: Prices vary enormously from season to season, simply moving your dates by one day can dramatically influence the cost of a vacation. Additionally, the lead time of booking before travel can affect pricing. In general, the earlier one books the lower the price – particularly is busy seasons.
  • Flight class, routing and availability: Flights often form the biggest cost element in a vacation and the pricing can be very complex. Seeking specialist advice and keeping your flights together on one booking is highly recommended. Again, generally the earlier one books the lower the price. As a tour operator, we have negotiated special fares that are not available elsewhere or without hotel accommodation. These fares can offer a significant saving compared to buying directly or through a travel agent (whether online or offline). By choosing different routes or airlines to get to the same destination, big savings can be made, although often at the expense of convenience and comfort. Lastly, the class of travel will massively affect our prices.
  • Room category, occupancy and availability: Accommodation costs will vary depending upon the room type and size. For example, a family of 4 in a suite can be cheaper than 2 separate rooms and single occupancy always attracts an additional cost. As with flights, prices can go up or down depending upon availability and, in general, it is best to book early. Tour operators negotiate special rates with hotels and booking through an operator can lead to significant savings over booking directly.
  • Exchange rates and currency: As we price our vacations individually at the time of the enquiry, our prices will follow exchange rates and depending upon the currency of the hotel contract prices can vary significantly. Once quoted, we guarantee our prices for 28 days.
  • Meal basis: The total cost of a vacation will depend upon the meal basis chosen. By booking half board or full board options savings can be made compared to booking separately.
  • Experiences: Depending which activities, experiences, guides and additional items are included, the price will vary significantly. It is these experiences and our knowledge that provide the richness to your vacation. We know the best restaurants, the best guides and which experiences will really make a difference to your vacation.
  • Transfers: In general, all our transfers are provided on a private basis, as we feel the savings offered by shared transfers do not justify the inconvenience and loss of quality. Even within the spectrum of private transfers, there is a wide range depending on the type of vehicle ie standard, luxury or 4x4 and whether the driver is also an English speaking guide.
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