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World of Wow Photography Contest Winners

We asked you to share your world with us, and wow, did you deliver. We received over 700 incredible entries, some almost too incredible for our humble competition. We’re talking National Geographic caliber, which made deciding the winners even more difficult.

Our panel of judges spent hours deliberating what merited a ‘wow’ photo, and ultimately, we found that the photos we connected with most were personal, evoked emotion, transported us, and just had that indescribable special something. They had the type a feeling behind them that made it hard for us not to see them and immediately say “wow.”

Though we could’ve spent hours more in heated discussion, ultimately, we decided that these three photos are our winners.

3rd place – Winner of $500 Scott Dunn Vacation voucher

2nd place – Winner of a nikon 1 j5 digital camera from george’s Camera

“Rather than “Journey to the End of the World,” how about “Expedition to Untapped Beauty?!” Thank you to Scott Dunn Travel for a honeymoon that has made our dream into a reality. Seeing Torres del Paine and surrounded by these natural sculptures of glaciers, mountains, and the unique turquoise lakes are truly awe inspiring!” – Joe

1st place- winner of a 10 day letaka mobile safari in botswana

“This is my wow photo taken in a village close to Tafika Remote Safari Lodge in Zambia in August 2017.  We were visiting the village and the local church was honoring us with a dance.  My husband was videoing the children on his cell phone and playing it back for them and they were all so interested.  It was a very magical moment for us.  What I really like is the young boy on the left with his arm around 2 other boys.” – Kelly


As we mentioned, choosing only three entries was a near impossible task. It’s hard to compare a gorgeous shot of a landscape in Cuba to a village of giggling children in Madagascar, to decide between a professional photographer, whose skill and passion comes through in every shot to an amateur who captured a once in a lifetime, meaningful moment. As with any competition decided by personal choice, our picks are subjective, but these were the photos that were shortlisted to win.

Since it’s so difficult to compare such a vibrant and vast range of photos, we want to highlight some of our favorite entries across different categories…

lay of the land

Walk on the wild side

It’s the people you meet

Passion passport

A reason to smile

seriously special

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