Scott Dunn USA Looks Back on 2017

We can’t believe the year is almost over! Where did it go? 2017 was an incredible year for our US office. We planned more special vacations for guests than ever. We grew the destinations we offer through new team members, including exciting regions like Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Iceland. With the start of 2018 it’s the perfect time to reflect on our favorite travel moments from the past year, and look forward to where we’re excited to go in the year ahead (Japan!)…

“The early morning alms ceremony in Luang Prabang was truly humbling and incredibly atmospheric. The parade of monks in their orange robes is a photographer’s dream.” -Asia Travel Expert, Louise, Laos

“Driving through the dramatic and wild landscape of the Scottish Highlands on approach to the Torridon, the sunset lit the sky pink just as the snow began to dust the mountain tops. It is this breath-taking scenery that keeps people coming back to Scotland time and again” -Europe Travel Expert, Gwen, Scotland

“You hear the chimpanzees before you see them. They are screeching and calling, and talking and fighting, and they are quite loud. But then you finally reach them and are surrounded by the alpha male, the moms, the adolescents and the babies. There are politics and family squabbles, mating and grooming, eating and resting, and it feels like the forest is alive around you. Then the alpha male makes his way down the path and brushes your leg. The sheer power that this animal has is heart pounding and sure to take your breath away. It was truly an unforgettable moment.” – Africa Travel Expert, Lyndsey, Tanzania

“Going on a private horse ride led by an authentic gaucho, while surrounded by adorable guanacos, along the Sarmiento in Torres del Paine was truly unbelievable.” – Latin Travel Expert, Ali, Tierra Patagonia, Chile

“Waking up at 4000 meters while the sun rose over the sprawling mountains, and trekking down to Tiger’s Nest Buddhist temple, with no one around, was one of the most amazing moments of my trip. Plus, we were able to beat the crowds and the heat.” – Asia Travel Expert, Jack, Bhutan

“A favorite travel day for me has to be biking the trails of the Dolomites and having lunch at mountain hut. We started the ride in beautiful San Cassiano and were rewarded at the end of the ride with a gourmet lunch at Rosa Alpina’s mountain hut. I will never forget sipping on delicious mountain coffee taking in the unbelievable scenery.” – Europe Travel Expert, Cammie, Dolomites, Italy

“Taking a helicopter trip to an uninhabited island to go and track lemurs, and spotting manta rays in the water below en-route was pretty wow.” – Africa Travel Expert, Annie, Madagascar

“While staying at the Awasi Patagonia – before you set out for the day, let your guide know that you want your hot tub ready and waiting for you when you return in the evening. It’s the best way to return home after a long day of hiking!” – Latin Travel Expert, Alison, Patagonia, Chile

“Waking up on a river in a much less visited part of Thailand, Khao Sok National Park. Going for a peaceful swim in stunningly warm waters surrounded by imposing limestone karsts. Being the only person here in this remote jungle was truly magical” – Asia Travel Expert, Louise, Elephant Hills Camp, Thailand

“Escaping the heat under the shade of an acacia tree with the river flowing on one side of me. I ate up not only the cold delicious avocado soup but the words of Saba Douglas Hamilton who sat next to me. One does not know passion until you hear the fire that is ignited in her to save the elephants and surrounding environment. My eyes and smile remained wide the whole afternoon.” – Africa Travel Expert, Kelly, Elephant Watch CampKenya

“Floating under the Ponte Vecchio on a private boat tour was the right pace at which to marvel at the wonderful architecture Florence is known for” – Europe Travel Expert, Louise, Venice, Italy

“Sitting out on the “great nothing”, the loose translation of Makgadikgadi, and having a family of Meerkats emerge from their den and go about their lives as normal despite me sitting inches away from them. To see that tourism brings more joy than harm and does not affect the daily lives of even some of Africa’s tiniest animals is a moment I’ll look back on each day as I inspire new travelers to go out and find these moments for themselves.” – Africa Travel Expert, Meg, Botswana

“Seeing the Northern Lights for the first time was incredible. I didn’t expect to see them in September, but we got completely spoiled. Late in the trip, in the very well named Troll Peninsula, we were half way through a delicious dinner when we were hurried outside for the Northern Lights. We were spellbound, taking pictures, when a shooting star darted magnificently across the sky. We felt like we all should have bought lottery tickets. It was truly wow. I was covered in goosebumps.” – Scott Dunn USA President, John Spence, Iceland

“Watching the sun set over the Sahara, the light constantly changing and camels strolling below while a Bedouin man a few dunes away was enjoying the same epic beauty made my world feel very big and perfectly small all at once.” – Europe Travel Expert, Tracy, Morocco

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