Letaka Safaris: An Ode to a Bygone Era

There are few safaris as reputable and exciting as Letaka. Africa Travel Expert Meg shares just what makes Letaka Safaris so special.

Brothers Grant and Brent Reed are the founding directors of Letaka Safaris. With almost 40 years of combined guiding experience, you know you’re in good hands with these guys. So good in fact, that they have their own six-part TV series on Nat Geo Wild.

Letaka Safaris specialize in mobile safaris, which means that their highly experienced guides bring you to different areas around the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This allows you to get the most authentic camping experience possible. The advantage of a mobile safari is that you get contrasting experiences and views because you’re always moving to different areas. Guides working for the company must complete the rigorous Okavango Guiding School, so you can trust that the guides know the best areas for an amazing off the beaten track experience.

Vacationing with Letaka Safaris is unlike anything else. It’s adventurous and more daring than many safaris. This completely original experience is reminiscent of traditional safaris in the 1950s. Remember to keep an open mind, a Letaka Safari will stick out as being completely different from anything you’ve ever done.

This safari lasts nine nights of unique fun, set in the beautiful Okavango Delta, which is the largest inland Delta in the world. It begins in the remote Savute region, which has the highest population of elephants in Africa, maybe the world. After 3 days you’re off to Khwai Community Concession (owned by the locals) Area. Here you can stretch your legs, and go on a walking safari, which you’re not able to do in a National Park. This is a good way to get an entirely new viewpoint of the land. You can also do day and night drives, which gives you the opportunity to see highly rare nocturnal animals like the pangolin. And don’t forget to go on a mokoro (dugout canoe) cruise, which provides a unique up-close and personal perspective and unbelievable bird watching opportunities. The last leg of this safari is in Moremi National Game Park, a classic game driving safari. Here you’ll see great game sightings of leopards, wild dogs, zebra, and antelope. All experiences at Letaka are tailored to guest’s interests, which means that no two days will be the same. After thrilling days spent in the bush and on the Delta, in the evenings you’ll retire to accommodations that blend seamlessly into the landscape to enhance your experience.

One of the best things about staying with Letaka Safaris is that they take care of everything for you. By the time you arrive, your gorgeous tent is already setup. Even though there’s no electricity, they provide hot water for showers, and cook mouth-watering gourmet meals over an open fire, like pizza, stuffed squash, and homemade breads. Most safari experiences are overtly luxurious, but Letaka is able to provide a rustic, authentic experience, while still maintaining a sense of luxury. It’s the perfect way to unplug and build a deeper connection with your family and friends.

A Letaka Safari is unforgettable, and completely different from any vacation you’ll go on. Whether you’re interested in wildlife, the unique ecology of Botswana, or connecting with your family, a Letaka Safari is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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