Temples of the Forest

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This fantastic tour is geared around avoiding the crowds, getting you to Ta Prohm, Ta Nei and Ta Keo at the quietest time of day. Ensconced in jungle, these temples are ideal for adventurous families and couples wanting an Indiana Jones experience!

This morning tour with your expert guide gets you to Ta Prohm, Ta Nei and Ta Keo and the quietest parts of the day. These majestic monuments have been swallowed by the jungle and are carpeted in trees with vast routes and strangler figs dividing the crumbling towers, courtyards and terraces. The scene is other-worldly and completely enthralling.

End the morning at Ta Keo temple, known as the 'mountain with bronze peaks' and admire its five-tiered pyramid structure.

A light breakfast is provided for you during this tour. Please note you are required to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and below the knee, it is also suggested to wear comfortable shoes.

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