Km 104 trek to Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley

Reach the iconic ancient citadel of Machu Picchu on the one-day KM104 trek, taking in the final portion of the Classic Inca Trail without the need to camp overnight. On arrival, soak in spectacular views over the Inca ruins and the dramatic valley below.

The KM 104 trek (also known as the Royal Inca Trail) is perfect for families or anyone wishing to reach Machu Picchu on foot, without camping overnight or embarking on a multi-day trek. This option can be done entirely with a private guide so you can walk at whatever pace is most suitable for your group.

Begin by taking the early morning train to KM 104 which is the starting point for the trek. After passing through the control point, visit the restored ruins at Chachabamba before you gradually ascend towards Wiñay Wiñay, joining the route followed on the classic Inca Trail, passing through tropical cloud forest filled with brightly colored orchids and across varying terrain. Climb the steep stone stairways that were constructed by the Incas and stop on route at various smaller Inca ruins, tucking into a picnic lunch when ready. 

Hike into Machu Picchu via Intipunku, the Sun Gate, for those iconic first views and descend down into the site where you can explore, before descending further in the valley to Aguas Calientes where your luxurious hotel for the night awaits. Your overnight luggage will be waiting for you here allowing you to walk carrying only the essentials.

On day two, you will have a half day with your private guide to fully explore the amazing lost city of Machu Picchu, soaking in its truly special location and learning about its history before catching the train back to Cuzco.

Total hiking distance: 11km.

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