Xi’an by Jeep

Xian, Xian & Around, China

Uncover the secrets of two of Xi’an’s most enigmatic sites as you explore the mysterious cave dwellings of the loess rock formations and the extraordinary Terracotta Warriors.

This full day tour will introduce you to some of Xi’an’s more intriguing historic sites as you explore with a guide. Traveling out from the modern city to join your jeep, you’ll leave behind the fast pace of the city and drive into the rugged landscape of the hills, characterized by their loess rock formations. Hidden within the rock lie incredible cave dwellings, home to millions of people, and exploring this ‘land of the loess’ with your guide is an opportunity to learn about the lives of the inhabitants and their existence in these beguiling houses.

From one fascinating sight to another, your next stop is the iconic Terracotta Warriors. Discovered as recently as 1974, very little is known about the provenance of these mesmerising sculptures but it’s thought that the emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, commissioned thousands of military statues to be built to protect him in the after-life. Wandering through the excavated site and thousands of sculpted soldiers, you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions on this legend. Before returning to your hotel in the late afternoon you can visit a small museum where the many artifacts include two beautifully preserved ancient bronze chariots.

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