Tibetan Bisong Village

Shangri-La, Yunnan, China

Step back in time as you visit the little known Bisong Village where locals continue to live pure, peaceful lives. Visit a local Tibetan family's home for a serving of warm yak butter tea and tsampa.

As Shangri-La was formerly part of the ancient Kham Tibetan kingdom, you can observe the traditional lives of the Tibetan once you venture out into Bisong Village. Traditional Tibetan houses and nomadic tents spread across the open meadows ad undulating hills.

Step inside the traditional Tibetan house, featuring thick earth-rammed walls and huge timber columns from Shangri-la’s primary forests. Drink warm yak butter tea and enjoy local staples including tsampa, a high-energy snack made of roasted highland barley dough to equip them for rigorous agricultural works.

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