Lingyin Temples Walking Trail

Hangzhou, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Discover the trail of temples, pagodas and Buddhist grottoes. Start from Lingin Temple into Feilai Feng, hiking up into Yongfu Monastery, Taoguang Temple and the North Peak for a view of "Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds" before descending with a cable car.

The Wulin Mountains area is the center of Chan Buddhism, housing key temples which make up the Lingyin-Feilai Feng Scenic Area.

We begin the day from Lingyin Temple, also known as "Temple of the Soul's Retreat", which is the largest Buddhist temple in China with abundant pagodas and grottoes. Afterwards, we continue to Feilai Feng or "Peak Flying from Afar", famous for the cluster of Buddhist stone carvings including the famous "A Thread of Sky".

Afterwards, we hike into Yongfu Monastery and Taoguang Temple. Yongfu Monastery spas 20 hectares with 5 courtyards: Puyuan, Jingyuan, Jialing Jiangyuan, Zhiyan Huiyuan, Guxiang Tanyuan and Fuquan Chayuan. While appreciating the ancient Buddhist culture, don't forget to also take in the beauty of the tree landscapes which surround the monastery.

Finally, we ascend into the North Peak at 355 meters above sea level, which is the highest point within the West Lake vicinity. Here, you will observe one of the West Lake's New Top Ten Scenes known as "Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds".

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