Hutong Walking Tour Series

Beijing, China

Uncover a world hidden from view as you walk through the hutongs, or alleyways, that connect Beijing’s neighborhood houses and hear the eye-opening and intriguing stories of some of their most colorful inhabitants.

Found only in Beijing, hutongs are a warren of lanes and alleyways that connect the houses of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. With a rich character and wealth of historic intrigue, these streets hold some of the most beguiling stories of the city and as you walk through the narrow lanes your guide will bring these stories alive over the course of two hours. According to your own interests you can choose from three themes:

‘Poets, Prime Minister and the Immortal Monkey’ – Delve into Chinese folklore as your hear humorous tales of mythical creatures and those of some of the characters from real life who walked the very streets you’ll stroll along as you hear their stories.

‘Prophet, Prostitutes and Spies’ – The maze of alleys and lanes that make up the hutongs are a breeding ground for political, cultural and artistic movements and this walk will take you through some of these intriguing groups.

‘Devil Number 6, the Phoenix and the Center of the Universe’ – Get under the skin of the city and its inhabitants as you hear the tales of real life residents that have inspired some of the literary characters and novels set in these twisting lanes.

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