Hangzhou's Lesser-Known Gems

Hangzhou, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Visit the sacred Yuhuang temple, Fuxing temple, admire the Octagonal Royal Farm Field, before learning about silk history at China Silk Museum, the City God Tower and concluding at the romantic Wansong Academy.

Taoism, Silk, Octagonal Farm—today's trip is all about the hidden gems of the beloved city of Hangzhou.

The journey starts as we follow the royal pathway through Yuhuang Hill into the sacred Taoist site of Yuhuang Temple. Taoism is China's oldest domestic religion. We will also visit Fuxing Temple and a viewpoint of the Octagonal Royal Farm Field in the shape of Bagua (the Taoist Eight Trigram). Here, we can see the famed Qiantang River on one side and the West Lake on the other side.

Afterwards, we continue to one of the famous ten sights of Hangzhou called "Dreaming of Tiger Spring at Hupao Valley" before moving into the China Silk Museum. Here, you will learn about the origin and cultural importance of the silk culture.

Finally, we visit the City God Tower, perched on Wushan Hill overlooking the old Qinghefang Street, before descending into Wansong Academy, believed to be the place where Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai from the iconic Chinese legend of the "Butterfly Lovers" studied together and eventually fell in love. Today, Wansong Academy has evolved into a romantic site of blind date gatherings for those who would like to find love.
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