Gubeikou Hike, Great Wall of China

Great Wall, Beijing & Around, China

Delve into the rich history of China as you walk the remote Gubeikou section of the Great Wall. Explore how this crumbling structure played an important part in protecting Beijing from Mongolian nomads and meet local farmers and producers.

One of the more remote sections of the Great Wall of China, Gubeikou has played an integral part in many military campaigns throughout the centuries, and as you walk along its ramparts, past watchtowers and beacon towers your expert local guide will bring this history to life. A key strategic target, this section of the wall, along with Shanhaiguan in the east and Juyongguan in the west, has been targeted throughout history, from Mongolian nomads to the Japanese in the Second World War.

You’ll begin your trek at the wild, untouched Coiling Dragon Hill midmorning and walk along this trail for around 20-minutes before reaching the wall. Stop for a break at the 24-Eye Tower, a viewpoint offering spectacular vistas of both Coiling Dragon and Tiger Hill, before continuing on towards the military area and the decaying section of Tiger Hill where only the foundations remain. The trek should take around three hours to complete and is a medium-level trekking experience, suitable for all ages.  Alongside exceptional views and the chance to trek a more isolated part of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet local farmers and members of the community, try some homemade food, and sit down to a delicious lunch at a local farmer’s restaurant.
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