Cultural Guangzhou Half Day Tour

Guangzhou, Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou, China

Dive into cultural Guangzhou as the tour brings you to The Chen Clan Academy, colonial Shamian Island, Mausoleum of the Nan Yue King and lastly the local Qingping market.

Explore the cultural side of Guangzhou. Transfer to the Chen Clan Academy, also known locally as the Chen Ancestral Hall. Located just west out of Guangzhou City, the academy retains its traditional architecture and furnishings from the Qing dynasty. It was built as a lodging and study hall for the Chen family scholars in the past to study for the imperial exams.

Continue to the colonial Shamian Island, where it was given to the British and French after the second Opium war and hence the architectural style is largely western, almost like a mini European district! Visit the Mausoleum of Nan Yue King and end in Qingping market as you observe the locals going about their marketing after work.

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