Beijing's Modern Architectures

Beijing, China

Today, we discover the modern side of Beijing's ever-evolving cityscape, such as the Bird's Nest, National Aquatics Center, Olympic Park, Phoenix International Media Center, CCTV, and the National Grand Theatre.

We set off at the National Stadium or the Bird's Nest, built entirely of steel for the 2008 Olympic Games. Continue to the National Aquatics Center, where the Olympic Games' water sports were originally played on. Get up close to the "air bubbles" which innovatively recycles rain water.

We continue to Phoenix International Media Center with its wavy structure which incorporates both glass and steel elements, before continuing to the equally awe-inspiring CCTV building with its asymmetric architecture.

We conclude in the China National Grand Theatre which was designed by French architect Paul Andreu. The interior hosts a concert hall with excellent acoustics!

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