Chitwan is a sal forest mixed with grasslands and rivers. It is impressively beautiful and very varied.

Chitwan covers over 360 square miles and is home to at least 43 species of mammals. There are over 500 one-horned rhinos in the park, and you can expect good sightings. There are big cats, including leopards and the Royal Bengal Tiger, of which there are estimated to be around 82 in the park. Because Chitwan is known for its long grass, tigers can easily hide, so sightings are relatively few and far between. You can also see rhinos, mugger crocodiles, ghaur, wild boar, sambar deer, red muntjac, hog deer, chital, rhesus monkeys, langurs, flying squirrels, and black-naped hares. There are over 543 species of birds in Chitwan.

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