Niigata Old Town & Sake Experience

Niigata, Central Honshu Mountains, Japan

Today's journey will bring you into the Niigata Furumachi, followed by a visit to the Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Tour, as well as sake tasting and shopping in Kikizake Bansho.

The Furumachi district of Niigata has a long history as a geisha quarter during the Edo era. While the area has evolved into a vibrant commercial district, it preserves its quaint temples, historical houses and ryotei restaurants which resume its age-old traditions.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a unique sake experience. Niigata is known for its fertile soil which contributes to excellent rice production which is said to be among the very best in Japan, and as such, its sake brewery has also been celebrated since the ancient times among the best in the nation.

Our sake tour starts at Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery with its thermal tanks, pressing room and tasting gallery. Gain insights into the history and process of sake production. Afterwards, we continue into Kikizake Bansho where you will get to sample and shop for sake.
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