Meet a local guide and begin the walk along the Old Tokkaido Road, the historic highway whose cobblestone and dirt path still winds through Hakone. During the hike, the guide will tell stories of the travellers who once passed along the route and why this highway was a modern marvel of its time.

Pass through magnificent natural scenery, including lush forest, clam marshland, and dynamic rocky outcrops. Mt Fuji is also visible across Lake Ashi on clear days. The hike itself is not difficult, but expect approximately 6 hours of walking on a 6.5 km route with a 900 meter elevation change.

Make a stop at the reconstructed Hakone Checkpoint, a military gateway that guarded the approach to Edo. Pass through with the freedom that only high ranking samurai enjoyed, and explore the museum on site.

After a break for a casual lunch at a soba noodle restaurant, discover the local woodworking craft called “yosegi zaiku.” This delicate art is comprised of inlaid wooden pieces that are arranged into beautiful designs on various goods like decorative boxes and combs

Walk on to reach Amazake Chaya, a historic roadside teahouse that has been serving weary travellers for centuries. Enjoy some local amazake and sweets here before finishing up the hike.

Part ways with the guide and return to the hotel for rest and relaxation. 

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