Join this one of a kind walking tour off the beaten path and understand how Athens has evolved to the city it is today: A city in layers, where the ancient, the ottoman, the neoclassical and the modern city coexist.

During your tour you will experience how Athens - a small town of 10.000 citizens in the early 1830s - transformed into the capital of the new Greek State in 1834. Your steps will take you into different Athneian neighborhoods, to understand how the old city and its traditions mixed – or didn’t – with western European values and ideas. As your walk continues you will grasp a true sense of orientation in the city and start making sense out of the apparent chaos of modern-day Athens and its people.

At the end of this tour you won’t be seeing Athens as a visitor anymore, but as it truly is: a complex, multilayered and fascinating city that few visitors get to experience in just a few hours!

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