Fynbos Flower Safari

Garden Route, South Africa

The Cape Floral Region has the highest concentration of plant species in the world. Staggeringly this recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site holds three times the diversity of species than the Amazon rainforest.

Fynbos is the natural heathland vegetation occurring across the Cape of South Africa. It grows in a belt from the West Coast, north of Cape Town, to the Southeast coast close to Port Elizabeth. The floral region is known as the Cape Floral Kingdom and is particularly noted for it exceptional degree of biodiversity with over 9000 species of plant occurring in the area.

One of the world's six floral regions, the Cape Floral Region is the only in the world to be contained within one country and at 68% has by far the planet's highest rate of endemicity, that is species confined only to one area.

To give an idea of the wealth of variety of this region, some small areas the size of the Cape Peninsula hold more individual species than the whole of Great Britain.

Explore the fynbos and ancient gnarled milkwood forest of the Cape with expert Guides and find out that South Africa has so much more to offer than you may have first thought.

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