Uthando is unique. This is not just a tour of the townships, but an opportunity for visitors to get involved with incredible community projects that Uthando are currently undertaking. Uthando shines a positive light on the remarkable people and projects helping to develop South African communities. These projects range from urban agriculture to youth development programs through the medium of art, dance, sport and music. From refugee assistance to care and protection programs for women, children and the elderly. Uthando tours are authentic, meaningful, non-invasive, respectful and hugely beneficial to the communities that are being visited. The projects are set up and run by the township communities by themselves, for themselves, and Uthando simply facilitate the fundraising aspects and help raise awareness, making it a sustainable and entirely different model to most non-profit organizations. This truly is a rewarding half day tour and a great way to meet some truly inspiring people who are trying to improve their and their communities' lives.

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