Footsteps and township private tour

Cape Town, South Africa

Discover the tumultuous history of South Africa with a guided walking tour around Cape Town, and meet some of the residents, with a chance to learn about how they come together to create a strong community in the city's townships.

A full day tour lasting eight hours, you will spend the morning exploring Cape Town on foot, heading to the historic heart of the city. As you wander the city, you will find out about life under Dutch and British colonial rule, slavery, and apartheid. After taking in all the sights, you will have the opportunity to meet some of Cape Town's residents who will inform you of the struggles of living in a township, and how the community comes together to overcome these. Your guide will either be a township resident, or will be heavily involved in township life, allowing you to be fully immersed in this side of the city, and have a unique, authentic experience.

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