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A truly fascinating country that sets fire to the senses. Soar into a Japan tour to find a distinctive culture, otherworldly landscapes, cutting-edge cuisine and trend-setting technology. No two trips to Japan are the same; our travel experts know exactly how to craft the perfect tour of Japan that’s personalized to your preferences.

Want a taste of everything Japan has to offer? You might like a guided tour of Japan's bustling capital, Tokyo followed by a trip to the breathtaking peaks of Mount Fuji and Hakone before relaxing at an open-air hot spring. Those with families might prefer to visit the snow monkeys in Yudanaka or take in a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto. Or, for a couples vacaion to remember, why not choose a relaxing tour that combines coastline with culture and 5-star dining experiences?

Whatever draws you to this incredible country, discover it through a customized luxury Japan tour with Scott Dunn. We'll help you navigate any language or cultural barriers and understand the complex local transport networks. You simply kick back, relax, and focus on making the most of your magical Japan tour.

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11 nights
Ultimate Japan

Ultimate Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima & Hakone

Japan is one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia and this classic itinerary is perfect for those wanting to experience the delightful diversity of the country, with stops at the main highlights of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Hakone.

Culture Spa & health

$9,600 pp

11 nights
Exceptional Japan

Exceptional Japan

Tokyo, Kiso Valley, Kyoto, Miyajimaguchi & Lake Kawaguchi (Mount Fuji)

Japan is often praised for its rich culture and history while its natural wonder goes overlooked. Take in a different side of Japan by exploring the Nakasendo Walking Trail, an ancient postal route that winds through wild forests. You'll also experience the country's most inspiring cities and the beautiful surrounds of Miyajima and Lake Kawaguchi.

Adventure Culture

$9,800 pp

11 nights
Family Fun in Japan

Family Fun in Japan

Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa & Kyoto

Designed to appeal to adults and children alike, this awesome Japan tour takes in the neon-lit metropolis of Tokyo, with its distinctive cultural traditions of kawaii (cute), anime and cosplay. Then go cycling in the Japanese Alps, stay in a traditional ryokan inn and learn how to cook like a local in Kyoto.

Adventure Off the beaten track

$7,000 pp

7 nights
Japan with Kids

Japan with Kids

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto

An action-packed adventure for all the family, experience Japan’s highlights during a school break or combined with a Southeast Asian beach trip. Experience iconic pop culture in Tokyo, marvel at the natural beauty of rural Hakone and Mount Fuji, then ride the bullet train to Kyoto, laden with Japan’s rich geisha, samurai and ninja heritage.


$7,000 pp

12 nights
Limitless Japan

Limitless Japan

Tokyo, Yamashiro Onsen, Kyoto, Ise Peninsula

Ignite the senses as you take an awe-inspiring tour through Japan in limitless luxury, enjoying the eclectic mix of madcap modernity and tranquil tradition. Slip between skyscrapers, savor sake, and be stunned by samurai. Headquarter at some of the most exclusive hotels and native ryokans while enjoying unparalleled service and delectable cuisine.

Culture Spa & health
12 nights
Epic Japan

Epic Japan

Osaka, Kyoto, Takayama & Tokyo

Dive straight into the buzz and throng of life in Japan with this epic and immersive trip. Staying in the very best spots for cultural highlights, unique diversity and culinary delights, you'll venture through the country led by your taste buds. Experience an array of regional cuisines alongside mesmerizing scenery and exciting nightlife.


$12,900 pp

12 nights
Japan in Spring - Cherry Blossom Season

Japan in Spring - Cherry Blossom Season

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Miyajima, Kyoto & Hakone

Explore and marvel during Sakura season, when beautiful cherry blossom blankets the country. Taking you throughout the island of Honshu, visit Japan in spring to see a nation in full bloom. The unfolding beauty continues through Hakone National Park and Miyajima Island, two of the best and most picturesque places to see Japan’s famed blossom.

Culture Adventure Couples

$17,100 pp

9 nights
Taste of Japan

Taste of Japan

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka

Savor the chance to tour Japan through world-class cuisine on this food-focused trip. Awarded heritage status by UNESCO, Japanese food is an art form and integral to the country’s culture. Experience the rituals and exquisite aesthetic of kaiseki dining, enjoy a private sushi masterclass, delight in the street food, and sip smooth sake.


$9,700 pp

1 - 8 of 8 Tour Ideas
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Japan Tour FAQs

  • When is the best time to tour Japan?

    Japan is in the northern hemisphere, so its seasons run in parallel to with those in the U.S. Spring and fall typically enjoy the most favorable conditions for touring Japan, when blossoming trees or dramatic changes in hue in later months make for a breathtaking backdrop to any trip.

    Its winter can be bitterly cold, although this may be ideal if you're keen to visit for a skiing vacation, tackling some of the slopes that welcomed the world for the Winter Olympics of 1998 in Nagano. Summer's temperatures can be stifling while extreme humidity often makes for uncomfortable conditions when traveling.

  • When is the cherry blossom season in Japan?

    There's one event that you must take care to plan a tour of Japan around if you don't want to miss it. Cherry blossom unfurls in March and April, so this is when you should arrange your trip if a floral frolic is your priority. However, please note hotels are often sold out a year in advance.

  • How much does a tour of Japan cost?

    Our tours of Japan start at $5,600 per person, but the final cost will depend on the particulars of your itinerary and any extras we can provide to make your vacation perfect. When you contact one of our travel experts, they'll make it clear how much you can expect to spend.

  • Do I need a visa to tour Japan?

    American citizens with a valid U.S. passport do not need a visa to enter Japan if visiting for 90 days or fewer. When entering the country, it's common for border staff to ask for evidence of your return journey or an onward trip leaving Japan.

  • Can I book a guided tour of Japan?

    We believe this is the best way to ensure you don't miss a beat when exploring such a unique country. You'll have access to several experts when planning your trip, while our guides on the ground will be on hand to make sure you squeeze every last drop from your tour of Japan. They'll advise you on local customs as well as get you access to exclusive events.

  • Are luxury train tours of Japan available?

    The Shinkansen rail network – and its stunning 'bullet' trains – plays a vital role in many of our Japan tours. This high-speed railway connects cities with remarkable efficiency – the average delay that passengers must deal with is just 36 seconds. The 300-mile trip from Tokyo to Kyoto is typically done in around two hours. Just be sure to plan for baggage allowances beforehand. Many visitors make use of luggage transfers between hotels, which we can arrange for you.

  • How do I plan a tour of Japan?

    With Scott Dunn, you can plan as little or as much of your Japan tour as you like. If you're the meticulous type who wants to sign off every last excursion and restaurant reservation, we'll be by your side to ensure that your itinerary matches your exact expectations. Happy to put your trust in us to plunge you into everything the country has to offer? Well, we can't wait to shape a Japan tour that will shape you.

  • How long do your tours of Japan last?

    Our itineraries sit between 4 nights and 12 nights, but you can travel for shorter or longer. We'll do all we can to craft the perfect Japan tour for you. Speak to our travel specialists about everything you want to get out of your trip and we'll make it happen.

  • How do I book a Japan tour?

    To get started, fill out our online inquiry form or call the number listed below.

    We'll get to know you and every last detail of what makes a dream tour of Japan in your eyes. And then we'll get to work bringing it to life. We'll provide you with a personalized vacation itinerary, including a detailed price quote and any other information you need. Once it's perfect for you, you can book it and start counting down the days.

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Plan your Japan trip today

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