The Best Time of Year to Visit Japan

Discover the best ways to enjoy Japan throughout the seasons…

Best time to visit

In a country as wonderfully diverse as Japan, it doesn’t matter what time of year you choose to travel, there will always be plenty to enjoy. At Scott Dunn, our travel experts know the best times to visit Japan for a range of experiences and can help you plan the perfect trip based on what you want to see and do.

Typically, spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) are the best times of year to go to Japan, since this is when the country’s naturally breathtaking scenery comes alive. Spring marks the anticipated cherry blossom season, with beautiful pink and red blooms appearing everywhere you go. If you are planning to take in the blossoms, it’s worth noting that spring is the busiest time of year to visit, with tourists flocking to destinations across the country to see it.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Japan?

If you’re wondering when is the best time to go to Japan, it all depends on the kinds of experiences you’re looking for.

During the summer months, Japan’s northern national parks and mountainous regions are ideal for hiking, biking and exploring, while the south becomes hot and humid. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of skiing, winter is no doubt the best time of year to visit Japan, offering fresh white powder piled high and plenty of stunning routes both on and off-piste.

If you’d like to visit Japan’s largest cities, Tokyo and Osaka, spring or fall are the best times to travel, as these areas can get extremely hot and sticky during the summer months.

No matter when you’d like to travel, our experts will gladly plan you a customized itinerary that combines the best experiences for each of Japan’s seasons - so just sit back, relax and focus on making the most of your luxury Japan vacation.

Climate guide for Japan

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84°F 8mm
88°F 14mm
93°F 16mm
97°F 18mm
85°F 18mm
78°F 13mm
67°F 7mm
57°F 4mm
60°F 5mm
65°F 7mm
70°F 16mm
75°F 26mm
83°F 9mm
87°F 19mm
90°F 22mm
95°F 18mm
90°F 23mm
84°F 19mm
71°F 10mm
65°F 6mm
59°F 7mm
62°F 8mm
69°F 10mm
74°F 14mm
81°F 10mm
87°F 19mm
90°F 19mm
96°F 12mm
89°F 21mm
84°F 9mm
72°F 7mm
63°F 9mm
59°F 9mm
60°F 7mm
71°F 10mm
76°F 13mm
86°F 8mm
88°F 9mm
96°F 12mm
99°F 12mm
93°F 14mm
84°F 12mm
73°F 12mm
65°F 14mm
59°F 10mm
61°F 8mm
67°F 12mm
73°F 14mm
81°F 11mm
87°F 18mm
91°F 20mm
95°F 18mm
89°F 24mm
83°F 18mm
72°F 10mm
64°F 13mm
57°F 10mm
62°F 9mm
69°F 15mm
77°F 16mm
85°F 11mm
90°F 18mm
94°F 24mm
99°F 19mm
92°F 21mm
85°F 14mm
72°F 9mm
63°F 10mm
61°F 6mm
65°F 56mm
70°F 23mm
74°F 29mm
83°F 17mm
85°F 32mm
89°F 38mm
94°F 30mm
88°F 34mm
80°F 17mm
70°F 9mm
63°F 8mm
46°F 4mm
48°F 4mm
58°F 7mm
69°F 10mm
81°F 8mm
82°F 8mm
87°F 10mm
90°F 13mm
84°F 11mm
74°F 11mm
64°F 10mm
54°F 7mm
58°F 11mm
61°F 9mm
68°F 13mm
76°F 15mm
84°F 11mm
89°F 19mm
93°F 21mm
97°F 21mm
91°F 22mm
84°F 15mm
72°F 11mm
64°F 13mm
62°F 6mm
65°F 8mm
70°F 17mm
77°F 20mm
81°F 13mm
84°F 20mm
89°F 24mm
93°F 22mm
89°F 25mm
83°F 16mm
75°F 9mm
67°F 8mm
57°F 8mm
60°F 7mm
69°F 10mm
74°F 14mm
82°F 9mm
88°F 14mm
91°F 13mm
97°F 13mm
91°F 18mm
82°F 15mm
70°F 7mm
62°F 7mm
61°F 6mm
65°F 6mm
71°F 12mm
76°F 16mm
84°F 11mm
88°F 20mm
92°F 18mm
97°F 19mm
91°F 24mm
84°F 22mm
71°F 12mm
65°F 6mm

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