Naoshima Art Galore

Takamatsu, Shikoku, Japan

Take a ferry ride to the island of Naoshima and be amazed by the unique art collection of Chichu Art Museum, Benesse House Museum, the Art House Project, Naoshima Pavillion and the various outdoor artworks including Yayoi Kusama’s beloved pumpkins.

After breakfast, take a one-hour ferry from Takamatsu to Naoshima, an island north of Shikoku island that is renowned for its collection of contemporary art galleries and exhibitions.

Discover this Japan's art island with a tour of the major art attractions of Naoshima including the Chichu Art Museum, where the art pieces and even the museum's architecture uniquely displays the harmony of art intertwined with nature. Continue to Benesse House Museum, where the art installations are placed in different locations in the museum as well as outdoors to incorporate nature into the art. 

Take a break at the Museum cafe for your lunch before continuing to the village of the Art House Project where the art collections are surprisingly unassuming architecture and buildings turned into amazing art masterpieces. The art houses are scattered along the streets and seamlessly blends into the traditional Japanese neighborhood.

Before taking the ferry back to Takamatsu city, do visit the Naoshima Pavillion by Sou Fujimoto and Yayoi Kusama’s Red pumpkin.

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