Afternoon Tea with a Maiko

Kyoto, Kyoto & Around, Japan

Get a glimpse into the cloaked world of the geisha as you take part in a traditional tea ceremony with a fully trained geisha or maiko. This ancient art epitomizes the mystery and beguiling beauty of one of Japan’s most iconic traditions.

Conjuring up images of delicate geishas dressed in elegant kimonos, gliding across serene teahouses, the traditional tea ceremony is a quintessential part of Japanese culture. As the custodians of Japan’s arts and crafts culture, the majority of Japan’s geishas live in historic Kyoto where they are known as ‘geiko’, and the district of Gion is home to the majority of these, who entertain guests in the large number of ‘ochaya tea houses’.

Shrouded in mystery, the world of the geisha is one of hierarchy and social echelons, and many Japanese will never have the privilege of an invitation to one of these teahouses. With this experience you will have the honour of a visit to the Gion Maruume teahouse, where you’ll enjoy 45-minutes of traditional dance, green tea and Japanese cake served by the geisha or her maiko. While they will not speak any English, your guide will be on hand to translate any questions you may have, and this a fascinating opportunity to step into an ancient world of Japanese traditions. This experience is subject to availability and must be booked in advance.

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