Originally the palatial summer residence of the Emperor Diocletian, Split was founded in the fourth century and remains one of the best preserved examples of medieval times today. The city bears a remarkable ensemble of Roman, Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and other architectural antiquities and the meandering walled streets of the old town swell with rich heritage and local traditions. Split is, in itself, a piece of living history; not only for its ancient marble-lined streets and alleyways, but also for the 3,000 people who still live their daily lives within the palace walls.

Your guide will begin with a short orientation of the city and the basement substructure of the palace itself, before walking you through its various quarters as you come to appreciate what makes this destination one of UNESCO's most celebrated heritage sites. Split's waterfront 'Riva' makes for a delightful stroll and your guide can point out their favorite spots for enjoying the local cuisine, wines or a coffee along the way, and for taking in the warm and embracing ambience.

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