Best Time to Visit Croatia

The best time to visit Croatia is typically summer, and the warm and sunny months from June to September are perfect for swimming, sitting in waterside bars and cafes, and sailing around the stunning islands.

The cooler months of April, May and October are still great times to go to Croatia, and activities like hiking in the hinterlands, truffle hunting in Istria, and wine tasting throughout the country are sure to delight at this time of year. The capital city of Zagreb has wonderful festive markets making it a great option for winter travel and combines well with a trip across the border to Slovenia and historic Ljubljana. Our specialists will be able to talk you through the experience for each time of year and help you choose the travel month that is right for you.

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Climate guide for Croatia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Brac 31°F 50mm 37°F 17mm 42°F 36mm 49°F 4mm 53°F 95mm 70°F 57mm 65°F 49mm 67°F 20mm 56°F 69mm 49°F 39mm 42°F 27mm 37°F 33mm
Dubrovnik 46°F 99mm 52°F 52mm 57°F 26mm 60°F 181mm 62°F 164mm 77°F 8mm 78°F 94mm 82°F 7mm 74°F 106mm 66°F 54mm 62°F 188mm 54°F 122mm
Hvar 46°F 176mm 51°F 21mm 56°F 83mm 60°F 125mm 62°F 186mm 77°F 19mm 79°F 70mm 81°F 12mm 74°F 124mm 66°F 56mm 62°F 323mm 53°F 165mm
Istria 33°F 62mm 38°F 24mm 46°F 14mm 50°F 76mm 62°F 14mm 76°F 37mm 74°F 55mm 75°F 34mm 67°F 101mm 57°F 45mm 53°F 9mm 42°F 34mm
Korcula 44°F 179mm 49°F 72mm 55°F 40mm 59°F 160mm 61°F 162mm 77°F 11mm 79°F 97mm 81°F 13mm 72°F 137mm 64°F 53mm 60°F 402mm 52°F 200mm
Split 43°F 127mm 49°F 4mm 55°F 26mm 60°F 94mm 61°F 115mm 79°F 10mm 80°F 65mm 82°F 12mm 73°F 76mm 65°F 18mm 60°F 216mm 51°F 94mm
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