Tours in Bhutan

Bhutan’s itineraries are a blend of culture, nature and wellness encompassing the best of the country and everything this magical and mystical place has to offer. Our Bhutan tours are fully immersive and whether it’s visiting the local fertility monastery, learning to meditate with a Buddhist monk or kayaking down the ‘Mother’ river giving you the best insight into this inspiring country.

The itineraries often incorporate one of the countries famous festivals as we all as being focused around the different valleys so you will spend a few days in each taking in the rich forests, charming village life and breath-taking mountain passes. Our experts will understand your preferences before creating a Bhutan tour that suits you. To make the most of Bhutan as well as acclimatising it is best to stay for at least 5 nights, however, no matter how long you stay you will always with you had more time in this treasured mountain kingdom. For a country that bases its wealth on National Happiness this ethos truly shines through with the itineraries we have curated, you will find an inner peace and happiness at everything you see and do.

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