Best Time to Visit Bhutan

In Bhutan you will mostly experience cold European-like weather due to its altitude. Winter lasts here from November to March where temperatures dip below 0° and there is usually snow on the ground.

The rainy season occurs between June and August when the temperature is the warmest but there is a higher chance of rain and can be lower visibility. October and November are arguably the best months, when there is little chance of rain and the skies are clear. The spring months of March, April and May are best for the flora, and the weather is pleasant but not too hot. The valleys with the higher altitudes will have cooler temperatures throughout the year.

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Climate guide for Bhutan

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bumthang 19°F 7mm 24°F 77mm 30°F 130mm 38°F 290mm 44°F 645mm 49°F 537mm 51°F 857mm 51°F 631mm 48°F 475mm 40°F 110mm 33°F 2mm 23°F 13mm
Haa 39°F 0mm 43°F 0mm 42°F 0mm 46°F 0mm 46°F 0mm 52°F 0mm 56°F 0mm 56°F 0mm 52°F 0mm 47°F 0mm 41°F 0mm 42°F 0mm
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