Things to Do in Bhutan

Bhutan’s experiences immerse you in the truly breath-taking scenery around you. Bhutan is famous for its festivals which are a myriad of colors, movements and blessings and worth spending a day soaking it all in if you visit while one is taking place. On each experience you will learn about the mystical, magical and truly unbelievable folk tales which make up Bhutanese history and the guides will bring each story to life as you embark on your journey through the country.

Bhutan’s most famous site is Tigers Nest Monastery which is perched on a cliff face and once you hike up the hill, sit back enjoy the majestic valleys while you are educated on the Divine Madman. There are also some stunning Dzong fortresses (government buildings) which sit majestically on riverbanks or center stage within each valley and are worth getting lost for an afternoon. Bhutan is perfect for those who enjoy the flora and fauna while hiking in the countryside, the guides are totally adaptable to your pace but always willing to walk up the nearest mountain or hill to get to the incredible vista or temple at the top where you can take a breather while taking in the spectacular views.

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