Triple Border, Macuco Path and the Guarani People

Northeastern Argentina, Argentina

To appreciate the wealth of wildlife, cultural interest and history in the Iguazu region, visit the Triple Border, walk the Macuco Path and meet the Guarani people.

The point where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet is a fascinating area and you can explore the export history of Puerto Iguazu with your guide, before taking a trip down the river to the Triple Border, where the Iguazu Falls originates.

With 7km of trails to explore, the Macuco path leads you along one of the less well-trodden circuits, through the natural beauty of the Atlantic Forest to the Salto Arrechea waterfall. Taking around 3 hours, you’ll be accompanied on this hike by your guide who can point out the hummingbirds and butterflies that flit across the path.

After exploring the forest, pay a visit to the people who work to protect and preserve the fragile ecosystem. The Guarani villagers are the original inhabitants of the forest,  and will guide you through their way of life, introducing you to traditional hunting methods, medicinal plants and the items crafted from the jungle.

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