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Rob Shepherd

Getting the travel bug at a young age, I have been fortunate enough to travel to many different places. I love to experience new cultures and see the stunning beauty of new areas. It made sense to make a career out of getting people to share my passion and get out to explore the world.

Rob Shepherd

Starting my working career in hospitality I was lucky enough to take my craft around Europe. Getting to see amazing places and meet amazing people is one of the reasons I love to travel. After moving back to the UK, I set my sights on America and Canada.

My love affair with North America started at a young age and continues to this day. Checking off every province in Canada and completing around 20 of the US states, my quest to complete the USA continues.

Everything about both countries amazes me. While they only have a short history it is jam-packed, the areas and landscapes around both countries are breathtaking and to see them with your own eyes should be on your bucket list.

Both countries are so huge and diverse so no one place is the same, you can take a tour and feel like you are in a different country in each state/province.

The people make the trips worthwhile. Always friendly with a smile, you feel at home when traveling to both places. The amazing food and drink also helps!

Being a huge ice hockey fan as well, I try and get to as many Canucks games as possible while away. If you have never watched it, you should!

All of this added together is just a fraction of the reasoning to why I love traveling to North America.


All of this added together is just a fraction of the reasoning to why I love traveling to North America.

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  • Always ask a local: spark up a conversation with a bartender, waitress or someone on local transport to see where they would go. Asking a local will take you to places most tourists will never see, as well as the best places to eat and what to avoid!

  • Walk: using public transport and ubers to get around is convenient. But walking around lets you see so much more. You can always find hidden gems while exploring and you truly get to see the city.

  • Variety is the spice of life: don’t be afraid to try new things. Whether it be food, experiences or local liquor, if you are in a different part of the world do as the locals do and try something new. You might find a new favorite thing.

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