Explore the Kapu Ela River by boat & Cycle through Rural Galle

Galle, Sri Lanka

Enjoy a scenic and immersive tour through the beautiful countryside surrounding Galle. Your journey will take you down the Kapu Ela River by boat and then by bike across the paddies, ending with a traditional Sri Lankan meal and a lesson in hopper making.

The South Coast of Sri Lanka is a beautiful part of the island, filled with tropical greenery and with a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. Although best known for its Fort and beaches, this 3-hour tour will show you a different side to Galle's jungle, glistening paddy fields, and quaint winding roads.

In just three hours, you will pass by small villages and witness everyday life for these rural communities. The journey begins by heading down the Kapu Ela River by boat. Accompanied by a local naturalist, learn about the flora and fauna that inhabits the river and its surrounding banks. Cruise gently along through canals, under bridges and passing local communities as they go about their everyday life.

Next, back on land and hop on the bicycle that will be waiting for you. A 9km scenic bike ride will take you through Galle's gently sloping pastures. Alternatively, you can also travel by tuk tuk. Pass through paddy fields and plenty of water buffalo, before finishing at a cool mud hut for some refreshing herbal tea.

After working up an appetite, here you will learn how to make traditional fresh hoppers on a clay stove before sitting down for a feast on this delicious delicacy. Afterwards choose to either ride back by bike or get a lift to where your driver will be waiting for you.

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