Discover Aveiro and Coimbra

Porto, Portugal

Venture south of Porto, travelling along the coast to the enchanting town of Aveiro. Here you'll admire the picturesque canals before continuing south to Coimbra, the charming, medieval capital of Portugal and an ancient university town.

Discover the beautiful town of Aveiro, built across a series of canals and home to a wealth of Art Nouveau architecture. Admire the traditional moliceiro boats winding their way through the canals, and wander past the 19th and 20th-century palaces in Aveiro's historical centre. Before you leave, be sure to sample the town's famed traditional sweet, Ovos Molos, then continue south to Coimbra.

This ancient town was founded by Romans, ruled by Moors and even had a spell as the capital of medieval Portugal, before Lisbon took over as the top city. Coimbra boasts a fantastic university, giving the town a lively atmosphere within its centuries-old walls. Explore the historic centre, visiting the old university and admiring the spectacular gilded bookshelves of its library.

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