Czech Republic

For such a small country, the Czech Republic is positively bursting with enticements, from the architectural treasures of Bohemia to the healing spa waters of the west and the majestic mountain ranges of the east. The capital, Prague, is the cultural hub and has justified claims to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities, complimented by a vibrant music and arts scene.

With hundreds of ancient castles, stately mansions and monasteries, The Czech Republic has an incredibly rich cultural history that belies its age. Formed in 1993, the country is home to a stunning architectural heritage that pays homage to the many nationalities who have settled here over the years. Tradesman, stone masons and stucco workers from all over Europe lived and worked side by side, drawing on one another’s skills and designs. The inventive works produced by this cultural melting pot have left behind an architectural and cultural wealth quite unparalleled for a country of its size. Prague is the beating heart of the country and its cobblestoned streets are home to antique churches and art nouveau facades, along with incredible restaurants, art galleries and a vibrant nightlife. Beyond the capital the landscape is dotted with beautiful medieval towns, verdant national parks in the south and fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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