China's cultural riches and 5000 years of tumultuous history place it, without doubt, among the world’s greatest travel destinations. From Shanghai's skyscrapers to Beijing's ancient treasures, The Great Wall, and Xian's Terracotta Army; China contains over 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Great Wall, Xian's Terracotta Army, the Forbidden Palace and Tiananmen Square: the very names reverberate with history and legend. China's paradoxes are many: Shanghai's skyscrapers contrast with Beijing's historical treasures, while in rural provinces mechanisation has not yet reached many traditional farming villages. China is a vast country perfectly balancing the high-tech, forward thinking cities with many cultural, historical and natural wonders, 23 of which have already been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Handed back to the Chinese in 1997, Hong Kong maintains many of its British influences, seamlessly blending East and West cultures. A past punctuated by prosperity, colonial influences and war has made Hong Kong the amazing metropolis it is today, packed with sights and sounds. Shop for antiques in Stanley market, take the funicular to Victoria Peak for stunning views of the city, visit Hong Kong’s outlying islands for a spot of peace and quiet, and take a junk boat across the famous Victoria Harbour.

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Unfortunately, the government are currently advising against all but essential travel to mainland China (not including Hong Kong) due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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A Week in Beijing & Xian

Beijing, Great Wall & Xian

Serving as the capitals of Ancient China of different dynasties, Beijing and Xian tells of different stories across time. Lying on the eastern end of China Silkroad, Xian is a kaleidoscope of culture and history to some of the most impressive sites of China, while Beijing is known for the best preserved imperial palaces and sections of the Great...

Authentic Northern Yunnan

Lijiang, Tacheng, Benzilan, Meili & Shangri-La

We leave the standard tourist trail to bring you an in-depth cultural immersion into the life of Yunnan and the Shangri-La scenic region. We will visit often-overlooked villages in the outskirts of Lijiang, hike around the pristine natural beauty of Meili in addition to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, search for snub-nosed golden monkeys, as well as learn...

Best of Silk Road

Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi, Kuqa & Kashgar

Experience a China like no other in this classic trip of the China Silk Road of Gansu and Xinjiang. Unearth spectacular grottoes, monasteries and temples which marked the exchange of religion and culture between the East and West. Culminate your journey with a feast for your senses at the bustling Sunday market of Kashgar and immerse in the...

A Short Getaway to Beijing

Beijing & Great Wall

Take a long weekend in to experience the rich history and culture of Beijing. Over the four nights in the city you’ll have private guiding each day, making the most of your time here as you uncover some of the world’s most incredible sites including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City to name a few.

Best for: Culture, Short Break, Adventure, Family

Call us on 09 887 3617 to start planning your holiday to China or read more about China in The Greatest Journey in Days Like This.

Highlights of China

Call us on 09 887 3617 to start planning your holiday to China or read more about China in The Greatest Journey in Days Like This.

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