Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand remains tropical and humid for most of the year and overall the best time to visit is between November and February when temperatures are more manageable and rain is less common. There are three main seasons, the cool season (mentioned above) when temperatures in the North are lower for longer, the rainy season from May to October when warm humid air brought from the Indian Ocean causes the south to be wettest (low season and when fewer tourists travel) and the hot season from March to May. There are of course regional variations across the country, however generally there is little difference in temperature across the center and the south of the country, related to its proximity to the equator.

Climate guide for Thailand

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bangkok 82°F 2mm 85°F 0mm 87°F 7mm 89°F 91mm 88°F 183mm 86°F 227mm 85°F 192mm 84°F 120mm 84°F 456mm 85°F 245mm 84°F 19mm 81°F 0mm
East coast beaches and islands 65°F 4mm 69°F 86mm 71°F 120mm 78°F 130mm 79°F 250mm 86°F 260mm 86°F 144mm 86°F 253mm 85°F 90mm 81°F 119mm 74°F 0mm 67°F 13mm
National Parks 61°F 36mm 58°F 26mm 58°F 53mm 48°F 93mm 47°F 46mm 40°F 94mm 43°F 161mm 41°F 129mm 44°F 70mm 47°F 105mm 55°F 67mm 56°F 106mm
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