The Treehotel is one of the most unique design-led hotels you will ever stay in; a choice of a treehouse ranging from a Bird's Nest to a UFO. Set in the stunning wilds of Swedish Lapland, it is a perfect destination for winter fun or summer adventures.

Harads, Sweden
  • One of the most unique design-led hotels in the world with a stunning selection of tree-houses

  • Perfect to visit for winter adventures in the snow, or summer experiences such as horse riding or mountain biking

  • Set in a beautiful location in northern Sweden

  • Perfect to combine in winter with the Ice Hotel and in the summer with Stockholm

There are simply few hotels that can match the Treehotel's concept; to create a retreat that combines the chance to explore the unrivaled beauty of northern Sweden with rooms that are utterly unmatched in the terms of their ambitious design.

Top designers were asked to create their idea of a unique 'tree-room' and what they came up just beggars belief. The Mirrorcube is camouflaged by mirrors on all sides high up in the pine canopy. If you were just wondering that birds might not be able to see it, they have clad it in infra-red film that only birds and not humans can see - which just shows the cleverness in the design of the Treehotel. Next, The Bird's Nest's exterior is beautifully woven with wooden branches, yet inside you find a spacious living area and is accessed by a retractable staircase. The UFO is equally wacky, and easily has enough space to allow two children in the room (your children will love you forever if they could stay in a UFO). What is more fun than raising up your retractable staircase with smoke pluming up from the forest floor. The Cabin and Blue Cone are more traditional tree-houses, yet merge perfectly with the surrounding pine forest.

Without using any chemicals, or having chopped down any trees, the Treehotel has been carefully thought out from an eco-sustainable point of view, in-keeping with the stunning natural beauty all around it.

Britta’s pensionat has an authentic 1930-50’s setting and offers a restaurant, bar, sauna and relaxation area, TV, and internet - it is where all tree dwellers meet in the evening to sit by the crackling fire and talk about the adventures they have had that day.

Where the Treehotel really comes alive is the chance to explore by day - whether it is the summer or winter, there is so much to see and do. In the winter, you can visit a local Sami family and see their reindeer pastures before snowmobiling to Gorgim Lake, or take a dog-sled tour through pine forests - even showshoe, or try your hand at speedy skijoring (horse-pulled skiing). You can build your own igloo or ice fish in the Lule River. The highlight for many is snowmobiling off at night to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. The Treehotel also combines really well with a stay at the Ice Hotel for a perfect winter escape.

In the summer think horse riding, mountain biking, trekking, sea kayaking and fishing - an amazing array of experiences that get you out and about into Sweden's stunning landscapes.

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The 7th Room is the perfect tree house for a family adventure. Located 33ft up in the pines the luxurious cabin features an outdoor net, two bedrooms and large panoramic windows that face north, perfect for watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky!

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Harads, Sweden

The Treehotel is located in Harads, just south of the Arctic Circle and 100kms from Luleå.

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